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deviation in storage by PhantomOfOz


You have forgotten me.
I know this from the
Flaking of my fall-board
The loosening of my tendons.

I cannot recall the beating of my own heart.

But I remember you.
I can feel your bones on my bones,
Heavier than your feet on my toes.
Heavier than the draft you let in the open door.

Lady the wood panels are warped and
Every morning the dew waits on the sill
For the only things that come around anymore
But Lady, you are not the sunshine
And you are not the moonlight.

I have no more sonatas for you.
So, pull the door closed
So I can hear my own heart beat.

Opened up the door to a winter storm
Never felt ice like that
Never felt such empty

So, pop some sunshine to warm
the cool places, some rays
to brighten the dark

All the shadows are having foot races
and all the distance in between
is the finish line

Strings lost in the brass section
Soulful introvert stories deafened
behind the white noise

Might as well bee on Ganymede
Speaking derelict gibberish
for all the people that listen

Never learned the friendship of silence
Popping M&M's to expand like sponges
into the empty places

Never knew we were computers
until we were at the mercy
at someone's control

And I never knew we related
until there was nothing left
to relate to.


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I was never more lost then when our

lips found one another,

never more wrong then when you

gave me something you shouldn't have,

looking for somewhere to store your blame

and me, to willing to hold it for you,

but I read all your letters in the braille of

your goosebumps , heard your secrets

in your breath on my neck, and felt

your regrets in the bristle of your legs.

I know that I am only a two stop town
in a world full of cities

And that my heart is full of roadblocked
one way streets,

But I know how the sun feels in it's
love affair with Pluto. Longing,

Barely reaching the surface, but still reaching,
providing no warmth but still shining.
Baby, I know how the sun feels,
always seeing the bright sides
and never seeing the shadows.

And the sun knows that it's uncontrollable,
claiming burn victims as it fuels it's
affections. Destroying habitable
atmospheres and not being able to help it.

The thing about leaving small towns
is that everyone knows you left.

Everyone still remembers the time you
rolled your car dodging that dog
that's always digging out trash
and everyone still remembers that trip
that changed your life and the
story that you don't tell anyone.

The thing about leaving small towns
is that everyone comes back.

Baby there are so many words

I'd love to say, words that you'd

never hear without first hearing

my silence.

There are things I'd love to show you;

things you could already paint down

on canvas but never through

my eyes.

There was one night when you were

floating off to bliss and I was trapped

in the irony that you'd painted my toes

blood red.

It never got lost on me that

I gave you the key to the city

for burning down

city hall.

I know you have more flight than

a gander of geese and I have

more foundation than the

capitol city

and mostly I know that I'm just

the small town you couldn't wait

to leave, regardless of the lights calling

you home.

So, saw an "ex" fucking in a parking lot. Didn't know whether to be sad, angry, or disappointed. Turns out I was all three. Suhweet.


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